Monday, 29 April 2013

Hungry kyaaa!!!

After a long day in office who wants to slog over the stove? Not me!! But on a Sunday night I do feel like eating something special. And usually that something special ends being ordered from outside and calorie ridden.
Well.....not tonight....I decided to fix up a hassle free low on calorie dinner at home only.  Dinner tonight are sticky honey and mustard soy chicken drumsticks with a tomato, cucumber and basil salad. 
Believe's super easy.....

Two tablespoon soy sauce
One tablespoon honey
One tablespoon mustard
Two tablespoon olive oil or vegetable oil
1 big onion sliced thinly 

Mix it all up and make deep gashes with a knife on the chicken legs.....marinate the chicken and onions in the soy mix for half hour. Preheat oven and pop the chicken in for 40 mins. Keep turning the chicken to ensure even cooking.

Caution: this recipe is not for people with high bp as soy is high on sodium.....they can skip the soy sauce

For salad...chop tomatoes and cucumber roughly. Tear up a few basil leaves if you have.....if not just a simple tomato cucumber salad with seasoning and lemon juice and olive oil dressing is good.
I made mine a bit exotic....I made dressing out of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. 

Love trying to post picture too......

Saturday, 27 April 2013

New age dating rules!!

What the heck does dating have to do with health???!!! Is that what you are thinking? 

Well, a lot!!!!! When I opened the papers today I saw an ad of a movie called I don’t love you. The movie poster didn't leave much to imagination. The movie seems to be about the new dating culture in urban India. The last frame on the poster suggestively implies a budding physical relationship between the two leads.

Now that led me to wonder, if our young generation is mirrored in these films then maybe it’s time for us to be a bit more aware of the health issues related to this lifestyle. I neither support nor oppose the dating culture. I think it’s an individual choice and every single person is entitled to one. But I do think that if one is sexually active then he or she should take all the precautions against possible diseases.

I don’t have to tell you about AIDS……our government and worldwide organizations have done enough work to make us aware of this dreaded disease. But it is not just AIDS that you need to be wary of when you are sexually active. There are many other diseases broadly categorized as STD (sexually transmitted diseases) that you are at a risk of. There is Herpes, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and many more. And the scary thing is….not all of them are transmitted through a full blown physical relationship. Some can even be transmitted through kissing. So be careful where you place your mouth.

I don’t mean to scare you into a life of celibacy and complete abstinence. But I do want to encourage you to have an open mind. If the new generation is bold enough to take on this new lifestyle then they should be bold enough to accept the pitfalls of it.

I think that the days of meeting someone and asking them what sun sign they belong to….to check compatibility is passé. If you want to ask anything……ask for a complete STD profile. An STD profile consists of some tests that rule out most of the STD and it can be easily done in any good hospital or leading lab. It doesn't even cost too much….for about 3000 to 4000 rupees you get the satisfaction to know you or the person you intend to be with are disease free.

So if you do date… stress and STD free!!!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Healthy option for sweet freaks like me!!!

Contrary to the image I portray I have quite a sweet tooth. This constantly leads me to look for ways so indulge it without causing major damage to my waistline. So the other day I decided to give in to a few chocolate fantasies. I decided to make some chocolate mousse. Some of you, who have explored their culinary skills, might know that mousse is made from fattening cream. But the version I make is free of cream and infact is actually a full of protein.
This health upgrade is achieved by swapping cream with tofu (I use Silken Tofu for desserts).  I didn’t click a picture of my final product but here is the recipe. Enjoy it!!
250 gms of cooking chocolate
125 gms of tofu
Sugar to taste (please taste the mousse before adding it in the end as chocolate is already sweet)
3 egg whites (yolk removed)
Place the chocolate in a saucepan and put the saucepan in a wok with 3 cups of water in it (this is called a double boiler). Place the double boiler on gas to melt the chocolate. After it is melted set the chocolate aside to let it cool.
In a food processor beat the tofu into a smooth paste and add the cooled chocolate into it to make a creamy smooth chocolate mixture.
Using an electric beater beat the egg whites till they form soft peaks when u remove the spoon. 
Mix the chocolate miture very gently with the egg whites…..just fold, don’t stir.
When thoroughly mixed….pour into a bowl and put it in the fridge to set for 4 hours.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Say no to dieting and yes to a healthy diet!!

General motors diet, high protein diet, ketone diet, fruit name it!!! i have tried it!!!!

But....mostly for the sake of testing and out of curiosity. And here is my wisdom in nutshell.....

If you wish to lose weight then you need to follow one principle...

breakfast like a king....lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper
I would suggest you have your glass of milk in the morning and don't consume any dairy products in the evening or night.

To stay fit one must realise that food and exercise play an important role. Food is around 70 percent responsible and exercise about 30 percent. A diet which fulfills your daily calorie requirement along with nutritional needs is to be followed.

Start your day with a bowl or two of Daliya with milk. Instead of sugar put honey in it. have a fruit along with it. You can have a banana or apple or any fruit of your choice. Other options for finicky eaters are...Poha with veggies, if you want you can even have one parantha with dahi...avoid butter.

Pre lunch:
Carry a fruit to office and eat it before lunch. try and limit your intake of bananas to only one a day so..... have some other fruit. Or you can have a salad of cucumber and tomatoes. avoid sprinkling salt on causes water retention. you can get sprouts chat from home...or just have a single digestive biscuit with green tea. Keep some green tea in office...whenever you feel a hunger attack coming in...sip some green tea or flavoured tea. Many times we are just thirsty not hungry. So drink a lot of water too.

Have two chapattis and a bowl of rice initially..if you want but slowly cut it down to two chapattis only. Have at least one vegetable cooked in minimum oil and a big bowl of daal....if you carry food from home...restrict it to two chapattis and sabzi and add a few dry fruits for sweet. have curd if you can or if you want.

Have a cup of tea along with 2 digestive biscuits...but have it before 6pm.

Have daal and vegetables or chicken and fish if you r non veg. Don't have any rice or any roti for 10 days. only salads, vegetable and daal. After 15 days have only one roti and focus more on other things. Later you can increase your roti to 2 if you feel the need, but do remember you will just be sleeping with no activity to burn all those calories. Make sure you have your dinner before 9pm.

Post dinner:
If you still feel hungry after dinner have another fruit or salad, but don't have banana, chikoo or mango.

Here are some more tips in the video....stay fit, stay healthy!!!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Hairy issues sorted!!!!

First request for my blog.....I have to honour that! So here we go......

Have you ever wondered why that friend or office colleague has thick lush lustrous hair while yours are as limp and dry as coconut husk.....what's worse is that you can even spot a bald patch creeping its way into your already dwindling mane. Unfair!!! Isn't it? I agree.....but you can't compete with genetics. But that I mean that some of us have beautiful thick hair in our genes and are thus blessed with it....and some of us just have to struggle all our lives to just have passable quality tresses.
I belong to the second unfortunate kind. To top that I was very careless with my hair all my life. But then post 30 I started seeing a horrible change in my hair quality.....and the widening gap between the hair roots freaked me out. That's when I did a lot of research and came up with a daily regime that benefited me immensely. I don't claim that I have hair shampoo modelling variety hair now but I definitely am not losing hair at the rate I was and there is a regrowth. 
Few things to consider; male pattern baldness is inevitable if it runs in your family but it can be offset for some time with a healthy diet and exercise.
Women with hair fall issues that run in the family can also benefit a lot from these dietary and lifestyle changes.
Nothing is set in stone, every body reacts differently to everything. If your problem is severe there is no shame in considering help of a medical specialist.
And if nothing else works and you miss the thick mop of hair from your early days, there is always hair transplant, albeit very expensive and needs to be researched properly.
Changes I made in my life to sort out my hairy issues:
I included omega 3 fatty acids in my diet. Earlier I would eat two table spoons of flax seeds or alsi ke beej every morning with a glass of warm water. This would give me fatty acids and a boost of vitamins and minerals. Later I switched to omega 3 fatty acid capsules ( 1x 1000mg) of fish oil for convenience. This has helped tremendously. 
Apart from this I also included some multi vitamins in my daily routine. I consulted my doctor for it. He prescribed me the ones he thought were suitable for my age and requirements. 
The bumped up the protein content of my diet. Mornings for me mean a couple of egg whites scrambled with one yolk or a chaat of moong daal and chana daal sprouts cooked with little oil and onion and tomatoes. 100 gms of paneer simply sprinkled with salt and pepper and roasted on the non stick pan also makes a great protein packed breakfast.
For the super busy people......try downing a glass of non fat milk every morning before rushing for work......we all know it takes exactly 10 seconds and ten gulps to do that. So your excuses won't work. And while you are in the kitchen please grab a few almonds to munch on. A daily consumption of 5 to 6 almonds can do you a whole lot of good.
Although I am not sure of the science behind it but I think oiling your hair regularly does help. Even if you indulge in an oil massage just an hour before your head can feel the softness in your hair post the bath.
Exercise is important too as that increases the supply of blood and oxygen to your hair roots.
And here comes the rest of blah blah.....protect your hair from harsh sun, harsh products, heat styling, stress, wash regularly, don't tie with tight rubber bands or clips, get regular trims, try deep conditioning either at home or at salon once a month at least...etc etc etc.
Hope all this worked on me.....I see no reason for it not working on you all. And frankly it is not that tough to do it.
Stay fit and stay healthy....:)


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Navratra are finally over!

I have always seen navratra as perfect opportunity to lose some weight and cleanse your body. But somehow people following the rules of navratra end up eating a diet worse than their regular diet.
That kuttu ki poori seems so pious and harmless.....doesn't harmless that you forget it is deep fried after all. And what about all that aaloo ( potatoes) you consume in every possible form.....potato curry, dry potato sabzi, plain boiled potatoes and even potato halwa ( psssst.....I confess I love them too....especially when they are served up fried and salted....actually even boiled or roasted....).
Here is a little peek into how many calories you have been putting in your mouth in the name of penance and fasting.
kuttu ki puri (2-3) 400 cal
samak ki kheer 100 gm 275-300 cal
dry fruit burfi 350 cal
paneer kofta 400 cal
sabudana namkeen 250 cal
sabudana vada 2pc 200 cal
potato pakora 2pc 250 cal
Now your own math...and tell me!!! Your daily calorie consumption is no less than 2500 calories I bet. So the nine days when you are supposed to abstain and pay penance you actually end up indulging and over eating. So what's the solution!!! Simple.....follow a few easy, simple obvious rules:

  1. No fried stuff: kuttu ki roti instead of puri, no pakoras, namkeen or any kind of fried snacks.
  2. Avoid too much potato: it is high on simple carb 
  3. Eat fruits and salads
  4. Avoid sweets and Mithai: Navratri is not a license to stuff your face with them.
  5. Drink loads of water: it kills cravings for sweets and fried stuff.
Not that it? Well try it the next navratri and tell me.
You just might end up losing weight along with detoxification and of course paying penance for a very sinful life all year long ;)
Stay fit and stay healthy!!!!! 

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hello from me!!!!

         I have been a health and fitness journalist for almost 12 years now. It was a perfect fit for me especially since I had always been extremely conscious of my own fitness. In fact my parents also brought us up in an environment where health, fitness and a good diet were given a lot of importance. I don't have any memories of ever excessively indulging in  junk food. So it was not a surprise when my work became my lifestyle. I would learn about new concepts in health and fitness and try them myself. The obvious downside of this was that sometimes I ended up trying things that were wrong for me. Don't make that mistake. Just reading some thing somewhere and then applying it generically can lead to more harm than benefits.

In this blog I intend to share my experiences with you. The diets I have done, the exercise regimes I have followed and the mistakes I have made. Keep watching the space for more. Stay fit and stay healthy till then. 
P.s. meanwhile here is a video of one of my shows......I will keep posting these for those who are interested