Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hello from me!!!!

         I have been a health and fitness journalist for almost 12 years now. It was a perfect fit for me especially since I had always been extremely conscious of my own fitness. In fact my parents also brought us up in an environment where health, fitness and a good diet were given a lot of importance. I don't have any memories of ever excessively indulging in  junk food. So it was not a surprise when my work became my lifestyle. I would learn about new concepts in health and fitness and try them myself. The obvious downside of this was that sometimes I ended up trying things that were wrong for me. Don't make that mistake. Just reading some thing somewhere and then applying it generically can lead to more harm than benefits.

In this blog I intend to share my experiences with you. The diets I have done, the exercise regimes I have followed and the mistakes I have made. Keep watching the space for more. Stay fit and stay healthy till then. 
P.s. meanwhile here is a video of one of my shows......I will keep posting these for those who are interested