Sunday, 21 April 2013

Navratra are finally over!

I have always seen navratra as perfect opportunity to lose some weight and cleanse your body. But somehow people following the rules of navratra end up eating a diet worse than their regular diet.
That kuttu ki poori seems so pious and harmless.....doesn't harmless that you forget it is deep fried after all. And what about all that aaloo ( potatoes) you consume in every possible form.....potato curry, dry potato sabzi, plain boiled potatoes and even potato halwa ( psssst.....I confess I love them too....especially when they are served up fried and salted....actually even boiled or roasted....).
Here is a little peek into how many calories you have been putting in your mouth in the name of penance and fasting.
kuttu ki puri (2-3) 400 cal
samak ki kheer 100 gm 275-300 cal
dry fruit burfi 350 cal
paneer kofta 400 cal
sabudana namkeen 250 cal
sabudana vada 2pc 200 cal
potato pakora 2pc 250 cal
Now your own math...and tell me!!! Your daily calorie consumption is no less than 2500 calories I bet. So the nine days when you are supposed to abstain and pay penance you actually end up indulging and over eating. So what's the solution!!! Simple.....follow a few easy, simple obvious rules:

  1. No fried stuff: kuttu ki roti instead of puri, no pakoras, namkeen or any kind of fried snacks.
  2. Avoid too much potato: it is high on simple carb 
  3. Eat fruits and salads
  4. Avoid sweets and Mithai: Navratri is not a license to stuff your face with them.
  5. Drink loads of water: it kills cravings for sweets and fried stuff.
Not that it? Well try it the next navratri and tell me.
You just might end up losing weight along with detoxification and of course paying penance for a very sinful life all year long ;)
Stay fit and stay healthy!!!!!