Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Say no to dieting and yes to a healthy diet!!

General motors diet, high protein diet, ketone diet, fruit name it!!! i have tried it!!!!

But....mostly for the sake of testing and out of curiosity. And here is my wisdom in nutshell.....

If you wish to lose weight then you need to follow one principle...

breakfast like a king....lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper
I would suggest you have your glass of milk in the morning and don't consume any dairy products in the evening or night.

To stay fit one must realise that food and exercise play an important role. Food is around 70 percent responsible and exercise about 30 percent. A diet which fulfills your daily calorie requirement along with nutritional needs is to be followed.

Start your day with a bowl or two of Daliya with milk. Instead of sugar put honey in it. have a fruit along with it. You can have a banana or apple or any fruit of your choice. Other options for finicky eaters are...Poha with veggies, if you want you can even have one parantha with dahi...avoid butter.

Pre lunch:
Carry a fruit to office and eat it before lunch. try and limit your intake of bananas to only one a day so..... have some other fruit. Or you can have a salad of cucumber and tomatoes. avoid sprinkling salt on causes water retention. you can get sprouts chat from home...or just have a single digestive biscuit with green tea. Keep some green tea in office...whenever you feel a hunger attack coming in...sip some green tea or flavoured tea. Many times we are just thirsty not hungry. So drink a lot of water too.

Have two chapattis and a bowl of rice initially..if you want but slowly cut it down to two chapattis only. Have at least one vegetable cooked in minimum oil and a big bowl of daal....if you carry food from home...restrict it to two chapattis and sabzi and add a few dry fruits for sweet. have curd if you can or if you want.

Have a cup of tea along with 2 digestive biscuits...but have it before 6pm.

Have daal and vegetables or chicken and fish if you r non veg. Don't have any rice or any roti for 10 days. only salads, vegetable and daal. After 15 days have only one roti and focus more on other things. Later you can increase your roti to 2 if you feel the need, but do remember you will just be sleeping with no activity to burn all those calories. Make sure you have your dinner before 9pm.

Post dinner:
If you still feel hungry after dinner have another fruit or salad, but don't have banana, chikoo or mango.

Here are some more tips in the video....stay fit, stay healthy!!!