Saturday, 4 May 2013

Big on binge!

Everyone has one of these days........the day that begins with bingeing....and ends with bingeing. I had mine today. Started the day with a cup of tea and a sensible helping of extremely nutritious and wholesome poha. Doesn't sound that bad.....does it? Well....then I chased it with two pieces of hazelnut chocolate and also decided to give into a couple of spoons full of my favourite indulgence.....peanut butter.

So the day started bad....but I am hoping it won't end bad. That's why I decided to type my way out of this bingeing. I am hoping this will distract me enough.
But I do have some tricks up my sleeve to escape these binging bouts.....let me share them with you. 

Every time you feel the urge to eat something threatening to take you over........try these tricks

# try drinking a glass of water....cold water works for fact sipping iced water keeps me engaged for a long time.
# iced tea or lemonade are more interesting options but try and keep the sugar off
# try brushing your teeth....the minty flavour helps
# try having chewing gum....if you have any
# distract yourself with Internet ( like I am doing right now) it really helps
# dust the house, clean the tiles, call a anything to keep your mind occupied

Bingeing is the result of an idle mind not hunger. Remember that!!!!! 

Lastly if nothing works......fix yourself a healthy snack...... :) yes yes! One multigrain sandwich won't hurt you. 

Ok, now I got to go and fix myself a sandwich ;)