Friday, 12 September 2014

Crazy psycho baker!!!!

Wheeeeeeee!!!!! I had muffins today! Ok ok….I agree they were not really the same soft, moist, to die for stuff that you buy from famous bakeries or pretentious stand-alone bakers, but they were sweet and muffiny! That’s all I care about!
The truth is I baked them myself……I tried my hand at a no flour, no sugar, whey protein recipe that I developed after reading multiple recipes on net.
So what’s my take away from this attempt apart from the fact that I will do anything to satisfy my sweet cravings???? Here….I am listing my wisdom down for ya all!!
-          Even if you are not using refined flour (maida) or whole wheat flour (aata)…. You still need some sort of flour……so options are chick pea flour or Besan or desiccated dry coconut.
-          You need some sort of moist ingredient that stops the muffins from being dry and cardboard… mashed banana or paneer
-          Don’t you dare overcook

Anyway…….here is my recipe…..
Just take two eggs…..beat them…..beat in sugar substitute of your choice and then beat in some butter or olive oil (half cup). Now add mashed banana or about 100 gms of soft cottage cheese (paneer) completely mashed.
Beat them together and the4n mix the dry ingredient same ratio as normal cake…..i used one big cup for these two eggs….and my dry mix had 2 scoops whey protein powder, two tablespoon dry coconut, 4 tablespoons Besan, half teaspoon baking powder and a pinch of salt.  If you have cocoa powder put two heaped tablespoons in the mix.
Fold in the dry mix in the egg mix… case it starts getting too dry and clumpy add a bit of warm milk.
Once the batter is smooth and well mixed pour it into a greased muffin tray or a cake tin to make a full cake.
Bake at 180 degree Celsius for not more than 25 to 30 mins….and check after 20mins if the fork inserted comes out clean or sticky…if sticky…bake a bit more otherwise just stop.
Here is a picture of my batch…..that I intend to eat with my soy milk and chia seeds pudding to make it a bit more moist and gooey!!!!:))))))