Monday, 30 November 2015

Beach is the best Gym!!!!

Let me make you jealous.......I was pretending to be a mermaid in the blue green waters of Andamans, in Havelock Island. Oh Lord!!!!!! it has some of the most beautiful beaches ever! Anyway....i am not writing this post to make you guys jealous. The point of this post is to tell you guys that if you are staying near a beach...don't waste any time.....go!!! start running and jumping up and down on it.
beach can be a fun way to stay fit. Every time you walk labouriously on the sand, you work different parts of your leg muscles like never before! If the water is clean enough to jump into then don't waste a single moment. Wrestling with the waves is a great way of burning calories and also to get some lymph drainage to work for you. Sit down on the wet sand......use it to scrub off the dead skin cells from your body. There can be no better scrub; natural and evenly smooth. just watch out for broken glass pieces or filth in city beaches like Mumbai. I would suggest only a walk on a beach like that. 
Drink the nutrient rich rehydrating coconut water for some energy.
Moral of the story is......don't just sit on the side.....and feel the breeze....jump around....make sand castles....throw a few friends into the waves and pick up a fight...just be active. And most importantly....have fun!!!

Saturday, 31 October 2015

My new toy; Fitbit - a review

ok!!!! So I bought it! I have realised I need constant motivation and push to stay on my fitness path. Unfortunately many of these 'motivations' are expensive. Like the time I bought kettle bell worth Rs 6000 and don't use it anymore as I overestimated my strength and bought a heavy one. Then of course there is money spent on squash gear! Racquets, indoor stadium shoes from Reebok, squash balls.......all that was almost worth 10k.....and then one day my squash partner got pregnant and the traffic in the city became too daunting to drive all the way to the sports clubs in the there goes another 10k. Anyway, you get my drift!!! I spend money to buy fitness! Shocking but true! So my latest acquisition is Fitbit charge HR. am not even going to mention its obscene price. Anyway I was very excited when I ordered it. It's supposed to chart my heart rate, my sleep pattern, my steps.....basically my overall physical activity. I have been wearing it for almost two weeks now. And here is an honest opinion. Let me put it in pointers to make it more reader friendly:

1) step count can be misleading as it registers movement in car as you shake and cover distance. This I basically noticed when I was travelling from one city to another about 400 odd kms apart. It registered 1600 extr steps almost.

2) sleep tracking is motivating. I try to meet my sleep goals as it gives me a satisfaction to see it up there in the app.

3) calories burnt is a very vague calculation. I don't bother with it.

4) if you workout the activity has to be physically entered in the app to account for the calories burnt etc

5) the heart rate monitoring if accurate is extremely helpful. I have discovered I need to do more cardio as my resting heart rate is on the higher side. Surprise surprise!!!!

6) It's a better gadget for runners and walkers, i do yoga and I don't have many options to see how well I did in my session.

7) overall.....if you think you want to buy something......go for something cheaper......for the amount I paid, I didn't get enough. I got bored of my toy pretty quickly.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Banish Carbs from dinner!!!!

I have a confession to make!!! I have sinned!!! I went on two fabulous holidays and put on 5.5 kgs!!
But that’s old story…..the new story is that I am on my way to losing it. I have already lost 2 kgs and hope to lose the rest in another one and half months. I am exercising strict diet control and have resumed yoga since yesterday.
I am already very motivated with my 2 kg loss.
Let me share one open secret with you guys!!! Everyone knows abnout it, but doesn’t bother with it. If you want to lose weight, just cut out carbs from your dinner. Don’t eat any carbs after sundown!! That means no roti or rice for dinner.
Now many complain that they do not feel satiated if they don’t wrap something around their sabzi before they put it in their mouths…….well here is a solution for that.
Try mung ki dal ka chila. Soak sabut mung overnight and blend it into a paste in the morning….same consistency as Dosa batter. Now just add some garlic-ginger paste and salt to taste to it. Blend again. And make chilas in nonstick pan using minimal oil.

Voila!!! Protein packed mung ka chila….enjoy it with whatever sabzi has been cooked for the rest of the family.