Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Banish Carbs from dinner!!!!

I have a confession to make!!! I have sinned!!! I went on two fabulous holidays and put on 5.5 kgs!!
But that’s old story…..the new story is that I am on my way to losing it. I have already lost 2 kgs and hope to lose the rest in another one and half months. I am exercising strict diet control and have resumed yoga since yesterday.
I am already very motivated with my 2 kg loss.
Let me share one open secret with you guys!!! Everyone knows abnout it, but doesn’t bother with it. If you want to lose weight, just cut out carbs from your dinner. Don’t eat any carbs after sundown!! That means no roti or rice for dinner.
Now many complain that they do not feel satiated if they don’t wrap something around their sabzi before they put it in their mouths…….well here is a solution for that.
Try mung ki dal ka chila. Soak sabut mung overnight and blend it into a paste in the morning….same consistency as Dosa batter. Now just add some garlic-ginger paste and salt to taste to it. Blend again. And make chilas in nonstick pan using minimal oil.

Voila!!! Protein packed mung ka chila….enjoy it with whatever sabzi has been cooked for the rest of the family.