Monday, 7 March 2016

Early bird or angry Bird???

I am wondering if I can become one of those early birds that always claim that its their kind that gets the best worm. Let me be less cryptic.....well....all the early risers claim that they are highly productive in the wee morning hours. They claim they get their best and most work done in the hours before the rest of the world starts disrupting their concentration with its clutter and noise.

I was in Bangalore last weekend...and met an old friend and ex-colleague. I have always felt that she has had it all sorted....which I am sure is not a hundred percent true. She has led life at her own terms, tackled tough times like a fighter and now is settling down to build a new phase of her life professionally and personally. She told me how she took a concious decision to become a morning person and how it has benefited her. She also suggested to me I should also do so as I am now of a "certain" age (LOL). Anyway, She told me that she programmed her body and mind to sleep early and wakeup early on weekdays and reserve all the late night merrymakings to the weekends.

Now this brings me to the important question......Can We Change our body clock so completely that we actually start enjoying getting up early morning? After all all our adult working life I have not hit the bed before 12 am unless it meant less than 3-4 hours of sleep. In fact the days I reach office early in the morning for my anchoring, I am a total grouch for at least an hour or two. People in office avoid me like a plague. after all I amm not a very pleasant person in the morning, I get angry easily, fumble more during anchoring and am super hungry by 7 am.

Anyway......maybe this will remain a mystery to me for sometime, as I seem to have no intention of waking up early unless I had to be in the News Studio in the morning. So happy Sleeping to me :)