Wednesday, 26 October 2016

My Khao trip at Indore!!!

I confess! I am guilty! Guilty of Greed! Guilty of over-indulgence! In straight simple words; guilty of eating too much and loving it!

But the good thing is that it makes me what people call a foodie! One foodie follows other foodie's advice on Twitter, blogs, Instagram and wherever possible. But sometimes I feel foodies lie! Yes they tell lies! They make things out to be better than they are! Maybe those things were great at one point of time when they became famous, but now they have lost that unique flavour and taste BECAUSE they became famous!

I am cribbing about this as sometimes the most read about dishes and food at certain famous places just lets you down.
I had a great time in one such place, Indore! But some things let me down! Let's do a short countdown of things I did and why I think they are over hyped or why they deserve the hype.

There are a few things you try as a foodie in Indore:

1. Shikanji at Vijay Chaat house in Chappan Dukaan: not the regular shikanji with lemon and masala. This is a sweet and sometimes slightly sour thick yogurt with kesar and dry fruits! You might confuse it with the rabri till you taste the rabri there. This in my opinion deserves all the hype, it is a a tasty calorie bomb waiting to explode in your mouth.

2. Rabri: the rabri was a bit different than other places. It was not too sweet and it was very thick. I liked the fact that the sweetness of the rabri did not overpower the milkiness of it. This is good too, but not as seductive as Shikanji.

3. Lichee rasgulla: yes, there was something like that. I ate it just to see what it is and this wad definitely one of those things that was not required to be made. It was just a small rasgulla stuffed inside a tasteless Lichee and served with thin rabri. Nope!! I ain't going there again!

4. Pattis: potato pattis stuffed with different fillings like coconut and all! This was definitely worth it, crispy and flavourful. Worth the hype

5. Kulfi in Sarafa bazaar: so totally not worth it. This weird colourful concoction with rabri and god knows what was not nice at all but I did see some people enjoying it. Even the stick kulfi was not good, the guy who pedals down my galli at home with kulfi box, serves better stuff!

6. Paan at Sarafa bazaar: this was a Meetha paan didn't eat is as it was already made and taken out from a packet! My camera person ate it. Nothing to write home about but the presentation sure is great

7. 10 types of gol gappas/pani puri/phuchka : this was a waste of my tastebuds. Period!!!

8. Non veg at Nafees: the barra kebab was amazingly tender and cooked to perfection. Other chicken kebabs were nice too, but their mains left a lot to be desired. The paya was insipid and tasteless, the mutton korma was below average. The biryani was average. So basically nothing was really worth writing home about.

9. Namkeen: the famous Indori sev is nice and even better is the experience of buying it. You taste what you want while the wares are displayed in glass boxes. I tasted almost all but bought laung sev, lasun pyaaz sev, hing chatni sev and some masala faafda. This is totally worth it, in terms of cost, taste and fun factor.
10. Khichdi: this was one of the most unassuming yet tasty dishes of Indore. I had it for lunch with kadhi at Apna Sweets and loved it.

When you are a foodie you cannot walk past a dish that is famous without tasting it but I can never understand why some foodies choose to go with the hype. Anyway hope my list of Indori food will help you on your visit to Indore if you choose to explore it. Keep eating and keep enjoying!!